The Social Participation (through) Arts, Knowledge and Sharing program aims to connect socially isolated women over the age of 55 years.

The SPARKS Program can provide a mixture of individual support, group work and outreach activities at locations across the Gold Coast.  Our ‘out and about’ approach will support women to integrate into many community activities where they can experience enhanced health and well-being and build meaningful social connections, such as joining our Sunset, Walk and Talk Group to enjoy the beautiful colours of winter sunsets or to connect to local “GCCC – Be Active & Healthy activities”.

At various locations in the community, we are planning creative therapeutic Women’s Arts Circles that will provide a safe inclusive and supportive space for older women to connect through creativity, shared knowledge and skills, and mentorship within the community.  These groups will also be fun and encourage self-expression and culture through creative processes that can increase a woman’s self-confidence and self-worth.

Our “Art in the Garden Program “is held weekly in a community garden setting which is  aimed to increase environmental awareness through emphasis on utilising low-tox products, recycling and repurposing of existing materials into pieces of unique art.

For women over 55 years of age, we can  arrange information workshops that focus on accessing existing resources because we understand the struggles older women may encounter to navigate the private rental market and one on one support can be provided assisting women at risk of homelessness link to services  and with rental  applications.


Current Sparks program include:

  • Social Connections
  • Walk and Talk Group to enjoy the beautiful colours of winter sunsets
  • Be Active & Healthy activities
  • Art in the Garden
  • and so much more

For details of where and when contact Cathy phone: 0755 981 505 and or