Short-term child centred family counselling is available to children and their family members to assist and maintain family functioning.  Practices might include using interpersonal communication skills to assist family members to explore options, make choices and manage issues they may be experiencing.

This service is available to minors under eighteen years of age and their parents /carers. The Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre is funded to provide an initial consultation and up to six counselling sessions thereafter. If you request ongoing counselling you may be referred to an alternate practitioner or agency, or you may be eligible to access one of our support courses or workshops.

The Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre offers a range of services and programs designed to assist families to improve relationships, communication skills and develop positive parenting strategies. * All services are appointment based.

At PBNC we use family-centred and strengths-based approaches and take into account the cultural considerations of the clients to assist them to work towards individual and/or family goals.


Children & Youth may be given support to:

  • Have their perspective acknowledged, feelings validated and be given the opportunity to self-reflect.
  • Report instances of harm/ self-harm/bullying.
  • Increase their social/emotional competence.
  • Understand positive socialisation.
  • Receive information in relation to other agencies that may be able to assist.

Parents/Carers may be given support to:

  • Increase parental knowledge.
  • Improve the parent-child/youth relationship.
  • Increase parenting confidence.
  • Increase perceptiveness and responsiveness to child’s/youth’s needs.
  • Improve communication skills and problem solving skills.
  • Increase awareness of resources in the community.
  • Understand more about child/youth development.
  • Reduce risk of harm to child/youth.
  • Improve positive socialisation with child/ youth.
  • Develop boundaries/house rules e.g., limits with TV, social media etc.
  • Recognise the child’s positive attributes.
  • Identify other sources of formal or informal support.

Current Parenting based programs offered through the centre include:

  • Happy Parents, Happy Kids.
  • 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching.
  • Successful Co-parenting